Departments in Madden School of Business


The Madden School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science degree in business with majors in: accounting; business analytics; finance; information systems; management & leadership; and marketing.

All undergraduate business majors in the school share a common liberal arts core and a common management core. Major requirements beyond the two cores vary from five to eight courses. Students have several opportunities to pursue two concurrent majors within the school. In addition, students can choose to supplement their major in business with a minor in a different field. All students are encouraged to discuss these options with their academic advisors.

A minor in business administration is offered for students who major in one of the liberal arts or sciences. In addition, the school also offers a master’s in business administration (MBA) and a five-year accounting/MBA program.

Mission Statement

The Madden School of Business strives for excellence through a business core curriculum and selected majors that provide a strong grounding in broad-based fundamental business knowledge and skills to prepare students for meaningful and productive careers as managers and professionals.

The members of the School of Business:

1. Are committed to the Jesuit ideal of care and concern for the individual while educating the whole person to appreciate the value of work and service to the community.

2. Welcome students from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds, and seek to enhance the academic progress and development of all students.

3. Value intellectual inquiry through contributions to practice and pedagogical scholarship as integral components of our academic environment, and seek to foster a spirit of inquiry through faculty participation in recognized scholarly and community activities.

4. Build on the foundations of Jesuit education to develop individuals who have strong analytical skills; who are able to think, write and speak clearly and effectively; who have an understanding of the diverse and dynamic global environment in which we live; and who are well prepared for ethical decision making.

College to Career Advantage (C2C)

All Madden School of Business students entering Le Moyne College will participate in a four-year program, College to Career Advantage (C2C) that will enable them to acquire knowledge and skills needed for a career. To complement their classroom learning, students will participate in a variety of out-of-classroom activities each semester, which will help develop effective job-seeking skills, networking contacts, and provide opportunities to learn about career options. Professional preparation provides a competitive edge, and is essential in today’s job market. College graduates have to compete for jobs and graduate school admission. Students will be required to complete a minimum of two activities each semester to be eligible to register for courses in the next semester. Some activities may be required while others can be selected from a variety of optional activities. Notification of available activities will be provided at the beginning of each semester. To learn more about the C2C Advantage program, please visit the Madden School of Business website at

Division Name
Madden School of Business Accounting
Madden School of Business Business Analytics
Madden School of Business Finance
Madden School of Business Human Resource Management
Madden School of Business Information Systems
Madden School of Business Management and Leadership
Madden School of Business Marketing
Madden School of Business Master of Business Administration
Madden School of Business Master of Science in Information Systems

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