Medieval Studies

The medieval studies minor at Le Moyne College offers students the opportunity to explore the development of cultures and societies from the fifth through the 15th centuries. The student will examine the Middle Ages by studying across a variety of disciplines, including classical studies, history, literature, philosophy and religious studies.

The minor is designed to enable students to connect courses in several departments, allowing them to approach the medieval world from an interdisciplinary perspective. One of the strengths of the medieval studies minor at Le Moyne is the international breadth of course offerings available to students.

Students completing the medieval studies minor must take five courses from the list of approved courses; a minimum of four of those courses must focus explicitly on the Middle Ages. Students interested in the minor may contact Dr. Erin Mullally in the English department.

Minor Requirements

  • Two English electives focusing on the medieval period
  • One history or religious studies elective from the approved list
  • Two additional courses in any discipline focusing on the Middle Ages, or one course in medieval subject matter and one course in an adjacent historical period such as the Greek and Roman world or the European renaissance

The study of Latin is strongly encouraged. Three credits of Latin language instruction could be used towards the minor.

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