Human Resource Management

Chair: Dennis O'Connor
Professor(s): Bernard A. Arogyaswamy
Associate Professor(s): David McCallum, S.J., Daniel L. Orne
Professor Emeritus: Mary Ann Donnelly
Professor(s) of Practice: Renee V. Downey

Human Resource Management Major

The human resources field has evolved much since the inception of personnel, the office where one was hired, tracked and sometimes fired. Today human resources professionals are strategic partners, tactically planning the talent needs of the organization for optimum performance. The HR office seeks and optimizes the best people, engaging and retaining them, and ensuring their skills are maximized. Key areas for which HR professionals are responsible include talent sourcing, compensation and benefits, employee development and legal compliance.

Human resource graduates are in demand as corporate recruiters, benefits specialists and organizational learning officers. Technically-oriented HR professionals have opportunities in human resource information systems and compensation analysis. Whether specializing in a large company, or acting as an HR generalist in smaller organizations, human resources offers multi-faceted career opportunities for graduates.

Core RequirementsHours
COR 100 First Year Seminar3
WRT 101 Critical Writing3
PHL 110 Introduction to Philosophy3
HST 110 - HST 111 World Civilization6
ENG 210 Major Authors3
PHL 210 Moral Philosophy3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language6
ENG 310 Literature and Culture3
Social Science*3
Natural Science*3
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies*3
COR 400 Transformations3
Visual & Performing Arts*1

* NOTE: Some Core requirements may be fulfilled by major requirements. See core section for more information. Because there have been substantial changes to the core curriculum, the above requirements may not apply to all students; for students who entered Le Moyne College prior to Fall 2013, be sure to consult with your advisor for appropriate course selection(s).

Human Resource Management Major

Major RequirementsHours
HRM 301 Human Resource Management 3
HRM 403 Total Rewards: Comp & Benefits 3
HRM 404 Talent Management: Performance and Retention 3
MTH 120 Mathematics for Business Majors 3
Two of the following electives: 6
HRM 457 Managing Multicultural Connections3
MGT 451 Group Skills and Team Leadership3
MGT 452 Organizational Development3
MGT 454 Effective Supervision3
MGT 458 Effective Presentation and Facilitation3
Electives 18
Management Core RequirementsHours
STA 201 Statistics I 3
STA 202 Statistics II 3
ACT 203 Financial Accounting 3
ACT 204 Managerial Accounting 3
LAW 200 Legal Environment of Business 3
MIS 201 Intro Mgmt Info Systems 3
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing 3
ANL 301 Business Analytics 3
FIN 301 Managerial Finance 3
MGT 301 Intro to Organization & Mgmt 3
BUS 470 Business Policy 3
ECO 113 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO 114 Principles of Macroeconomics 3

Typical Program for Human Resource Management Major

First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
Freshman Year
HST 1103 PHL 1103
STA 2013 HST 1113
WRT 1013 MTH 1203
COR 1003 STA 2023
BUS 1503 Natural Science3
Sophomore Year
ACT 2033 ACT 2043
ENG 2103 PHL 2103
Theology3 ECO 1143
ECO 1133 HRM 3013
MGT 3013 MIS 2013
Junior Year
ENG 3103 HRM 4033
FIN 3013 Elective3
HRM 4043 ANL 3013
MIS 2013 MKT 3013
Senior Year
HRM Elective3 HRM Elective3
Elective3 Elective3
Elective3 Elective3
LAW 2003 COR 400A3
Religion3 BUS 4703

Human Resource Management Minor

The human resource management minor complements the student's major discipline with broad skill development in the evolving field of talent management. Functional areas include human resource planning, recruitment and selection, appraisal and compensation; employee training and career development; retention; management of labor relations and development of a strategic human resources plan. In addition to classroom study, students enjoy simulations and regularly visit area organizations and meet with professionals in the human resources field in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

The human resources management minor requires 15 hours of course work. Students must take both HRM 301 and MGT 301, and choose an additional nine hours from the following options: HRM 403, HRM 404, HRM 471, MGT 451, MGT 452 and MGT 454. The minor may not be earned concurrently with the management and leadership major.


HRM 301 . Human Resource Management (3).

The course is designed to survey the field of human resource management: the goals, major issues, current practices and possibilities for the future. Techniques involved in staffing, selecting, training, performance appraisal, compensation, development and labor-management relations are discussed in lectures and practiced in skill-development exercises. Not open to students who have taken MGT 305.

HRM 304 . Personnel Planning & Selection (3).

This course examines the theory, problems and techniques in personnel planning, recruiting and selecting employees. Prerequisite: HRM 301.

HRM 403 . Total Rewards: Comp & Benefits (3).

This course examines the theory and application of total rewards, the tools that are avaliable to attract, motivate and retain employees. Topics include theory, techniques and problems in job analysis and evaluation, performance appraisal and developing wage and salary systems. Prerequisite: HRM 301.

HRM 404 . Talent Management: Performance and Retention (3).

This course examines the theory, problems and techniques in personnel planning, recruiting, and selecting employees. Sourcing and vetting candidates, attracting the best talent, hiring for job fit, onboarding and building an engaged workforce are explored through readings, case studies and class projects. Prerequisite: HRM 301.

HRM 454 (MGT 454). Effective Supervision (3).

Effective Supervision is a practical course in how to lead others in organizations. From delegation and performance measurement to correcting unwanted behaviors, you will learn how to address workplace issues with efficiency and effectiveness. Course topics include interpersonal communications, motivation, delegation and negotiating conflict. The class is highly experiential, and will provide useful tools for your first supervisory experience. Prerequisite: MGT 301.

HRM 457 (MGT 457). Managing Multicultural Connections (3).

This course will explore the Human Resources implications of culture and multicultural communication from the conceptual, practical and human resources perspective. Students will inquire into their own culture and values, explore case studies, and engage in rich discussions with a number of speakers who have experience doing business outside our borders. Prerequisite: MGT 301.

HRM 470-479 . Special Topics in Human Resource Management (3).

These courses designate special interest topics offered on an occasional basis to meet student and faculty interests.

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