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Degree Information

To earn a bachelor’s degree at Le Moyne College, a student must satisfactorily complete 120 semester hours of credit or more, depending upon the program selected.

The semester hour is the unit of instruction used for computing the amount of work required for graduation. One semester hour is equivalent to one 50-minute period of lecture or recitation per week for one semester. Three clock hours of laboratory work are equal to one period of lecture or recitation.

A semester-hour credit is the amount of credit earned by the study of one course which meets once a week for at least a 15-week semester. No number of credits, however, will entitle a student to a degree. The requirements for each program consist of the specific outline of the courses required for the respective degrees and majors, together with the credits attached to each.

Core Curriculum

At Le Moyne College a solid grounding in the humanities and the sciences is an essential element in each student’s preparation for a meaningful and productive life. The College, therefore, requires participation in the core curriculum, a special series of required courses and course options designed to assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that are the basis of a liberal education in the Jesuit tradition. For a complete listing of these requirements, see the Core Curriculum website.

Core Requirements

The Le Moyne College core curriculum takes the student from introduction to college, into disciplines foundational for contemporary learning to interdisciplinary, and finally trans-disciplinary studies. All students must complete introductory courses in writing, English, philosophy, theology, religious studies, natural science and social science.

Additionally, the core includes study of another language, diversity, visual and performing arts and interdisciplinary studies elements. Finally, undergraduates are required to take a COR 100 Transitions first-year seminar and a COR 400 Transformations senior course at Le Moyne.

Transfer students only: All Le Moyne undergraduates must complete three of four writing courses at Le Moyne.* These courses include WRT 101 Critical Writing, courses in the writing instructional sequence and a discipline-designated writing course within the major. Additionally, all Le Moyne undergraduates must complete three credits of philosophy study at Le Moyne.

* For the classes of 2017 & 2018, this requirement will be 2 out of 4 writing courses.


Matriculated students have been admitted into the College and must be pursuing a Le Moyne College degree. All full-time students will be considered matriculated. Nonmatriculated students may select courses according to their individual interests but are advised that if they should later decide to matriculate, only courses applicable to a specific degree program can be counted toward that degree. Part-time students may study on either a matriculated or a nonmatriculated basis.


All degrees awarded by Le Moyne College are authorized by the New York State Board of Regents and are registered with the New York State Education Department. Enrollment in non-registered or non-approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards.

The objective of curricula leading to a Bachelor of Science degree is to provide the student with the knowledge that may be necessary for advanced study or practical application in various fields as well as a thorough training in the methods of that field.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is the traditional academic degree. The programs leading to it place emphasis on the humanities.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a bachelor’s degree, the student must:

  1. Obtain a passing grade in all courses required for the major program including the College core.
  2. Complete half of the major requirements at Le Moyne.
  3. Complete half the minor requirements at Le Moyne.
  4. Have a 2.0 overall G.P.A.
  5. Have a 2.0 G.P.A. in the major courses and/or minor courses.
  6. Complete the last 30 hours at Le Moyne.
  7. Complete any additional requirements as specified in a particular major.
  8. Transfer students only: Complete, at Le Moyne College, at least one core course in each of the four disciplines: English, history, philosophy and religious studies.


In addition to these basic liberal arts subjects, Le Moyne requires a concentration of depth and mastery in one major field. Most frequently, the choice of the major will determine the degree that is received at graduation. At least half of the major must be taken at Le Moyne.
Students who wish to receive two majors within a single degree (B.S. or B.A.) must complete the core and courses described in a major and major supporting courses for each of the majors before being certified for graduation. Students who want two degrees (B.S. and B.A.) must satisfactorily complete all requirements for both degrees and earn a minimum of 144 semester hours.

As much as possible, most programs have been arranged so that students have some of the same required courses in the first year. This procedure has been established to allow students to choose majors after one year of college experience.

Students who wish to major in mathematics, any of the natural sciences, business or accounting, however, should begin the required courses for these majors in the first year. Students choosing one of these majors after their first year should work closely with their advisor to facilitate degree completion in a timely manner.

Changing or Adding a Major

Before either changing or adding a major, a student must consult with the chair of the department that administers the new major. To enable the student to approach the change or addition in a realistic manner, the department chair will advise him or her of the course requirements and career opportunities in the field. Any change or addition of a major must be presented to the registrar’s office. A 2.0 G.P.A. must be maintained in the major.

Some departments may have caps on the maximum number of students who can pursue a major that they offer, due to staffing or other reasons. In cases where a cap has been reached, a student may not be able to change to or add this major.

Minor Programs

A list of special minor programs can be found in the Academic Information section of this catalog.

The College requires that half the courses used for a minor be taken at Le Moyne. Specific requirements for a minor are determined by each department. The minor course of study is optional for each student, and approval by the major and minor department chairs is required.
Each department has the option of requiring an interview with its chair before admitting any student to its minor program. In any case, the student’s declaration of an intended departmental minor must be presented in the registrar’s office.

All teacher candidates must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. in their education courses and a minimum 2.7 G.P.A. prior to the start of full-time preservice teaching.

A student must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.0 in the courses fulfilling the minor requirements and prerequisite courses. For more information, refer to specific areas of study.

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